Ray Ray (bleeding_though) wrote,
Ray Ray

Rewind Today

I was listening to Easton but now I am listening to 98 Degrees hahaha can we say MAD genre switch?? It's the song "Fly With Me" on the "and rising" CD and it's amazing when Drew sings, I just remember being 11 and being like "OMGGGGGGGGGG" lol.  Fun fun fun times.  Seriously though, old boy band music comforts me, I listen to it when I'm doing homework cause it's just fun.

Today was a good day, in Public Speaking more people presented and it was a wicked fun class just cause everyone is chill.  In Italian we reviewed for the quiz tomorrow and we conugated adjectives which is mad easy and I love Italian more than I ever loved Spanish!  Tonight in Philosophy I was sickly bored but it went by quickly.  We discussed Allegory of the cave more and The Apology and I get so freakin' lost sometimes, this stuff isn't easy but I'm learning so much and I have a dif perspective of a lot of things because of it.  There's this hot guy who laughs at my jokes w hich is even better.

Tomorrow I am applying at Strawberries and since I freakin' live there in between classes I bet they'll hire me, plus I know so much about music it's kinda sick sometimes.  I'm iffy about leaving Shaw's cause I've formed good friendships...damnit!!

I'm kinda annoyed I'm missing Switchfoot's first leg of the "Oh Gravity" tour, but I'll deal, or travel to NY to see them. It depends, most likely not, but it's fun to think about.  

I haven't really talked to my dad too much since he's been home.  He just always hugs me and says it's good to be home but we are yet to have the stuff we discussed before he went away.  I'm scared.

Updating this thing feels like highschool
"and today in HR omg omg omg" lol so wierd.

I am stoked Cass is coming home for the weekend.  We'll probably hang with Blaire and D-train.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  "They congratulated themselves.  THE PRISONERS HAD AWARD CEREMONIES IN THE CAVE!"- Professor Tullman
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