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I love love, i love being in love, i don't care what it does to me

Long time no update.  I have no clue where to start because so much has happened? yes there's supposed to be a question mark there.

WELL-  I got my admissions "rescinded" from RIC and now I go to CCRI but I am planning to transfer to URI after this semester and then UHA after the year is over.

I still work at Shaw''s, unfortunately haha.

most of my friends are away at cool schools and I'm here

I still hang with some high school kids which people think is pathetic but I don't care cause they're my friends and I <3 them.

I've been to mad shows.  Hit The Lights, Daphne Loves Derby, Jack's Mannequinn, It Was The Best Of Times,  I mean I pretty much live at the living room in providence haha.

Well my dad is home!!! FOREVER! yeah it's a really good feeling! We had a family celebration and I got to drink a gansett and 2 mudslides and it was a lot of fun. Some of my sisters friends came over and we watched Final Destination 3 and Ryan Merrimen is sooo hott haha but he dies but whatever it was really good. It was the thing where you can choose what people do next and we had mad fun with that lol.

School has been going well. I overslept today and almost missed my class but I got there JUST before the professor walked in to start class and I was stoked that I had made it. After that I went home and I talked to my brother who was home on his lunch break fro his job and we kinda sorta had a fight but I guess we're okay now. I don't know, I accidently did something that I didn't mean to (um, totally told my parents in a moment of anger that his girlfriend has a kid.....) and so things have been weird between us. I blame the fact that I was under the influence of alcohol but I know what I did, I let it slip cause I was angry at him and I feel pretty bad about it.

AH! MY DAD IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha, it just feels so good to say. He was on the front page of the ProJo and that was really cool. Of course you can't see me cause some very large man is in front of me, grr that was going to be my debut!
Today we talked about school and how he's happy to see me studying. I didn't study or care about highschool cause I wasn't paying for it haha, like I'm paying for my freakin' college tuition obvi I'm gonna do well!

We're okay so don't worry now
-Lisa Loeb

Alright well, philosophy homework needs to be posted online by 9pm the night before it's due and it's 8:38pm so I better get to it. PLATO'S APOLOGY, ugh, not exciting, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it!

So I'm def going to these shows, gots the tix and everything....

Oct 14- Pink Spiders @ Lupos (with Good Charlotte, hahaha oh it will bring back the old days!)
Nov 2- AFI @ Lupos (my birthday! yay! 18!)
Nov 9- Red Jumpsuit Appparatus @ Lupos
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