Ray Ray (bleeding_though) wrote,
Ray Ray

Impersonality, it's leaving out of me

Summer has been going really well, obviously.

I'm working the job at Shaw's, doing the whole cashier thing.  What's cool is that I've strengthened a lot of friendships with the people I work with.  We used to be co-workers and aquantinces but now we're friends and it's pretty awesome.  I've got about 25-30 hours a week and it keeps me busy which is good and it keeps my POCKET FULL OF CHAAAAANGE.

I've been chillin' with alllll my crews.  BREWED CREW (Jessy, Katie L, Connor, Trina, Lilo, etc..) HSMC (Kelly, Cass, Jenn, Julie, etc..)  andddd of course, the usual 3! <3

Connor and I hit up RI's used CD stash at least once a week.  I got the brand new Goo Goo Doll's album for 9.99, whoever returned it is an idiot for sure. I also got Jill Sobule, more Goo Goo Dolls, Lovedrug, Moody Blues, Bleach, Falling Up, THE FIRST TWO SEASONS OF THE SIMPLE LIFE ON DVD, for under 11.00 a piece.  I never pay full price for any of that ish!

So much for my "mandatory" summer RIC class???

stoked for shows and stuff.



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