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I'm doing this because I follow trends

SOUNDTRACK TO MY FREAKIN LIFE. (Like the 18th time!)

Waking-up scene: Eels "Saturday Morning"

Night-out-with-friends scene: Houston Calls "Exit Emergency"

First-date scene: Eagle Eye Cherry "Save Tonight"

Falling-in-love scene: Copeland "Walking Downtown"

Fight-with-friend scene: Hit The Lights "Bodybag"

Break up scene: Socratic "She's The Type of Girl"

Get-back-together scene: Socratic "U and Left Turns"

'Life's okay' scene: Cartel "Q"

Heartbreak scene: Cursive "The Great Decay"

Romance-reflection scene: Goo Goo Dolls "Slide"

Mental-breakdown scene: A Thorn For Every Heart "99 With an Anchor"

Driving scene: Get Up Kids "Mass Pike"

Lesson-learning scene: Switchfoot "Innocence Again"

Deep-thought scene: Deb Talan "Comfort"

Solitary angst scene: Underoath "Reinventing Your Exit"

Party scene: Busta Ryhmes "Pass The Couvasier"

Regret scene: Long Since Forgotten "All Our Words"

Happy-dance scene: Mariah Carey "Sweet Sweet Fantasy"

Long-night-alone scene: Goo Goo Dolls "Here Is Gone"

Closing credits: Switchfoot "More Than Fine"

2nd closing credits: Switchfoot "Gone"
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